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That " About Me " heading really adds some pressure, doesn't it? Okay let's see, how do I write about how fabulous I am at selling houses without sounding like I'm super full of myself?
I became a realtor in January of 2005 on the advice of a friend (actually, we were flying to Italy, and she had many many many hours to convince me that I should give real estate a shot. I was a captive audience, she was in the seat next to me on the plane.)
I studied the real estate books, took my real estate principals test online, then took my state test and passed.
My first broker, wasn't really sure what to do with me, so he sent me out in to the wilds (Roseville) to do an open house. I had four transactions as a result of that open house

and my career has never really slowed down (well, except when I ruptured my achilles tendon a few years back and had to have surgery, but I still showed houses on crutches!)
I continued to progressively surpass the production (both in units sold and in volume of sales dollars) of each of my previous years in real estate. I'm not just good at this, I'm fantastic at it. (My production puts me in the top 5% of agents in Sacramento, El Dorado and Placer counties.)
I'm forward thinking, technologically savvy, a little bit unorthodox, diplomatic, one heck of a negotiator, a skilled problem solver, empathic, extremely ethical, and I treat every transaction as if it were my own.
I'm an exceptional realtor. And I'd want me to represent me if I wasn't me!

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We have used Dana for three real estate transactions over the past eight years.  I cannot say enough good things about her!  Dana is a consummate professional.  She knows her job and she is truly outstanding at it.  Real estate transactions can be difficult arduous processes.  Dana's knowledge and experience allow her to provide the very best service to her clients; this is critical in a situation where other professionals' incompetence can potentially lead to ruin.  Dana is there to double and triple check that everything is done properly.  Her professional integrity dictates that, when asked, the guidance she provides is what she would do herself.  In the process of working with Dana, she has many times given us advice that went against her own interest (meaning she would make less money off a transaction or would have to refer potentially more lucrative clients elsewhere.)  Sometimes we didn't even realize this was the case until talking with other agents after the fact. Dana can always be relied upon to put her clients' interests first.

Kathy G.

Let me just start by saying, Dana is a saint. She is possibly the most patient, diplomatic, personable, and hard-working person I have ever met. My husband and I insisted on using our bank, Chase, for our loan financing, and our loan officer was very unprofessional. Dana was forced to constantly hold the loan officer's hand, and often our loan officer would go days without responding to Dana's calls. Despite all this, Dana still stuck with us. She did not stop until she handed us the keys to our dream house. Frankly, she deserves a medal, but I suppose my imperfect review will have to suffice.

Kirsten D.

Dana Miller is the most amazing Real Estate Agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely helpful, patient, and hard working. She will help you find your dream home, and do whatever she possibly can to make sure it has everything you need.  Buying a house can be extremely scary, and having someone as trust worthy and knowledgeable as Dana was truly a blessing.  I highly recommend her if you are looking to buy or sell a house! I promise you will be as happy as we were.

Angelica K.

Dana Miller is an outstanding real estate agent and everyone should be as lucky as I was to find her to buy or sell a home. She is a "hands on" agent, attentive, tenacious and an overall nice person. She cares about her customers, monitors the sale and made me feel like I was her #1 client. I totally forgot that she had other clients, sales and buyers to be concerned about, she worked non-stop, day and night to sell my house and to communicate with me at every step. Dana is detail oriented, honest and most of all she cares about her clients. A hundred issues came up that could have stopped the sale of my home and Dana countered every situation with a resolution. I don't believe you can find a nicer, attentive and professional real estate agent in the Sacramento area. Dana is #1 and totally fabulous to work with, she will remain a friend long after the sale is a just a memory.

Jolene N.
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